Question RGB cable plugged in or dangling in case?

Jan 15, 2021
I recently installed a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO RGB Black Edition, and I have all cables connected the proper way.

The rgb header is plugged in so that the arrow is pointing to the 12V pin on the motherboard's connector.

Still, when I boot up the rgb turns on for a few seconds and turns off again and I cannot control it once I am all logged in. But all other RGB and lighting that came WITH the PC is working fine

My pc is a prebuilt Lenovo and the RGB software for Lenovo does not recognise this. I am planning to buy a cooler master rgb controller soon, but until then I do not know what to do with the connection.

Do I leave it plugged in as it is right now, or should I unplug it and just tape it to the case out of the way of other components?

I am afraid of having it plugged out as I feel I could short and damage something as all wires in the circuit of the RGB fan are not connected (RGB cable).

At the same time I don't know if it is safe plugged in as it isn't being recognized by anything so that could be a problem?

Will doing either of them cause damage to my PC ?

Note: My PC runs smooth and CPU cooler fans run perfectly fine.

RTX 2070 S
Legion 2x8GB 3000Hz RAM
Lenovo Stock Motherboard
FSP PSU 80+ Gold
RGB Header (Separate from mobo) : View: