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Question RGB Chassis fans speed control


Dec 20, 2018
Hello. A couple of months ago I bought a new pc case from Frisby which had 6 rgb fans in it that are connected to a hub which is connected to the PSU.

I've been looking for a way to control the RPM of these fans but I don't know how to connect them to the motherboard.

I have no idea about how fans work but so far as I've searched, there are 2 types of fans. 3 and 4 pin. But my fans are 6 pins. I'm confused when I see people only talking about 3 and 4 pin fans but mine don't look anything like that.

And my motherboard only has 3x 4 pin chassis fan support so I can't connect them directly to the motherboard either. I want to be able to control the fans as running at full speed even in idle 40-50C° is generating too much noise.


The RGB fans you have with that case use non-standard electrical connections. The "standard" way to do RGB fans now is to have TWO vcables coming out of a fan - one for the motor that ends in a 3- or 4-pin female connectorm, and a second for the RGB lights that ends in a different 3- or 4-pin connector. These two connectors go to different mobo headers IF you have them. Your fans, on the other hand, are uisng 3 lines for controlling the RGB lights, two for motor power, and one for speed signal MAYBE.

Many cases supplied this way have no way to control such fans. Others DO give YOU control via a pushbutton on the front to change the fan speeds manually. SOME actually do provide a way to feed a mobo fan header PWM signal to the Hub and let that do the control from the mobo. Look in the manual for your case and fans to see it there is any way to connect a Hub special connector to a mobo fan header.