RGB Everything With Razer's Chroma Hardware Development Kit

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When do we start adding RGB to other tools and devices .... how about a hammer ? ... screw driver set ? How about my TV ? .... be nice to have LED trails rotating around my TV screen edge. Can't you imagine how much life working in a cube farm would be improved with each cubicle lit up like Christmas every day of the year ? It would be so entertaining driving in traffic with all the cars flashing different light patterns ... but what surprises me most is how come the tattoo and piercings industry hasn't jumped on this trend.


RGB TV, already exists. Called BIAS lighting to take the average color on the screen and put it on the wall behind the TV. RGB ground effects for cars is totally a thing, replacing the old neon tubes of the olden days. Blacklight tattoos have been around a while, I doubt we could interleave tiny lights into a tattoo today, but there are certainly upcoming technologies that would allow that. I'm sure someone is already making RGB piercing studs and the like...


Feb 19, 2013
I don't need all of this stuff but it would be cool if more developers made custom lighting profiles for my Razer Blackwidow keyboard and Deathadder mouse. The support is really cool in Overwatch and Diablo 3.

In Overwatch the LED's on my keyboard and mouse change to match the color scheme of the character I'm playing as. The Q and E keys change color to let you know when their cooldowns are over. Diablo 3 changes everything to a red color scheme and the keys mapped to your abilities change to white when they are available.

Sure, I don't spend that much time in game looking down at my keyboard to see when my abilities are available but it's a really cool touch. I know you can create your own profiles in the Razer Synapse program but I would love to see more developers create awesome profiles the way Blizzard does.

None of which I am talking about so let's try and stay "in context" ... I am not talking about bias or mood lighting ... neither is the article. I am talking bling for the sake of bling that does nothing to improve the user experience. Darkening the room illumination to set a mood is one thing and again has nothing to do with what I was describing. Having flashing, pulsing flashing colors that distract from the user experience. Nothing was mentioned about UV reactive surfaces which may glow under specific lighting ... under skin lighting strips that change color, run up and down ya arms, change colors ... that's what I am pointing to... The Kardashians will feel so left out that there's a craze they are not involved with they'll soon have breathing RGB pasties under their see thru tops.

And again, we are not talking about ground effects on a car ... the article is about "RGB everything" .... that would mean RGB radios and speakers pulsing to the music, RGB steering wheels, cigarette, lighters, door handles window trim...

Here's just how sick it gets ... needed a new wireless headset and the G933 was available at a steal, great reviews... good user experiences but why do I need LEDs on my head ? Figured OK, I'll just turn off.

Battey Life w/ no LEDs = 12 hours
Battery Life w/ LEDs = 7 hours

The person who decided this was a good trade off should be prohibited from ever using the title Engineer ... it's an insult to the profession.



Mar 22, 2017
Just so everyone is aware, Razer made a big mistake in marketing and development here in my opinion. I had a long talk with them.
Razer thinks you will somehow internally connect a standard 4 pin USB cable inside of your case...
You need to buy a 4 pin internal female USB to Micro USB in order to use synapse and have the brick and LEDs inside the case. Majoy issue here.. Corsair got this right!
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