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Jun 14, 2016
I have purchased Aerocool Project 7 P7 F12 (120mm) RGB Fans (Triple Pack) with P7H1 PWM Hub.

Was looking at the manual and I understand how to connect the fans and that power comes through the molex.

Is the FAN 4-Pin to M/B shown it the picture my 12vRGB connector which goes into my 12vRGB header on the motherboard? Do I also have to connect the USB2.0 to M/B shown in the picture?

Thank you

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Apr 4, 2013
From what I can tell based on the picture in the manual the 4 pin connector is the one located above the solid pin power connector listed as no 12 on the motherboard webpage. The USB 2.0 connection might be used to drawn an additional amount of power. Guess you could always try leaving the USB 2.0 disconnected and see if everything is still functional.


Is the FAN 4-Pin to M/B shown it the picture my 12vRGB connector which goes into my 12vRGB header on the motherboard?
If you use the P7H1 PWM Hub, the fan 4-pin will go to any 4-pin sys_fan headers ( either 1 or 2) on the MB. If you don't use that PWM hub, that connect the 4-pin RGB header ( 12V/R/G/B) into the LED_C RGB header on your MB, and the fan 4-pin connector will go to the sys_fan header too. Keep in mind don't use two RGB control software at the same time, only use one, like if you will use the P7H1 PWM Hub , then use their P7-S1(RGB software).

Do I also have to connect the USB2.0 to M/B shown in the picture?
If you use the P7H1 PWM Hub, and yes you need to connect the USB2.0 port into the MB, and you can use P7-S1(RGB software) to control the light through the USB port.

Last thing, don't use the D_LED1/D_LED2 headers, because you can't use these 5V RGB headers, if you do, and you will kill the MB and the fans. Check the MB manual page 12.


Jun 14, 2016
Sorry still having a little trouble with this.

So the hub has 3 pre wired cables coming out of it according to this website

2-pin Molex/Peripheral connector,

9-pin USB 2.0 connector,

4-pin PWM connector

2-pin Molex/Peripheral connector - goes to molex for power i guess

9-pin USB 2.0 connector goes to the USB connector on the m/b

4-pin PWM connector goes to a fan header on the m/b

This set up would allow me to use the Aerocool software to control the color but not the Gigabyte Fusion software.

So if i wanted to fans to work with Gigabyte Fusion software. The first fan i would connect to the hub with its 4 pin fan connection. The other cable coming from that fan is a RGB connection which would go to my m/b RGB connection rather that the hub GRB connection as shown in that manual. (sorry cant remember how to add a photo to save you from clicking each link)

Thanks for your patience with me.
Any RGB fan really is two devices in one piece - a fan motor, and some LED's for lights. Thus it has two cables - one for each device - with different connectors on the ends. Each connector goes to a different place.

The P7-H1 Hub you got really contains two devices, also. One is a 4-pin fan HUB, which is a way to provide power to all the fan motors AND to distribute to them the PWM control signal it gets from a mobo SYS_FAN header. The other is an RGB Controller that provides power to the RGB lights in each fan and does control of the displays, using a connecting cable to a mobo USB2 port and a software utility you download and install. HOWEVER, regarding the RGB lighting effects, you also have another option. Since your mobo has one of the required plain RGB headers on it, you can NOT connect the fans' lighting cables to the Hub, and instead connect them to the mobo header. Then, instead of the Aerocool software, you load the RGB Fusion utility for the Gigabyte mobo you have, and use that tool to power and control the lights.

So let's look at the two options, starting with using only the Aerocool hardware you bought. The HUB part has FIVE output ports for 4-pin fan motors, and TWO ports for plain RGB lights. The Hub comes with three cables to connect to places. One is a standard 4-pin female fan connector and this must go to a mobo SYS_FAN header. After you have everything stet up, enter BIOS Setup and see your manual p. 13 and and p. 12 items 4 (two of them). See p. 25-26 and set the configuration of the particular SYS_FAN header you use as follows:
  1. Select the correct SYS_FAN header;
  2. Set its Fan Speed Control to Normal;
  3. Set Fan Control Use Temperature Input to motherboard, not CPU;
  4. Set Fan Control Mode to PWM;
  5. (Optional) Set a Temperature Warning value if you wish; and,
  6. Set Fan Fail Warning to Enabled.
When all are set, use Esc to return to the Main Menu (p.22), then use the F10 key to reach the Exit menu (p. 37) and choose SAVE and EXIT.

That gets all your fans powered and under mobo automatic control. You also need to connect one cable from the Hub to a 4-pin Molex power output from the PSU for Hub power, and connect another cable from the Hub to a mobo USB2 header so it can communicate with the mobo.

You have three fans. Start with the fan motor connectors. These are standard 4-pin female fan connectors about 3/8" (10 mm) wide with 4 holes, and two ridges running down the side. For each fan, plug it into one of the Hub's FANn ports. I suggest using ports 1 to 3. Then each fan has a two-headed cable with a wider 4-pin connector on it for the RGB lighting units. Of these, one is male (with 4 pins) and one is female. NOTE that each has marks on it, and you MUST match up the one marked 12 VDC wherever you plug two cables together. The design is so that you can connect several fans in a "daisy chain" to a single source port. So plug the female from Fan #1 into one of the two Hub 4-pin RGB ports. Then connect the female of Fan #2 to the male output from Fan #1, etc. That gets power and display control of the RGB lights in all the fans via the Hub. Lastly, you download and install the Aerocool Project 7 software utility. It uses the USB2 connection to send its control information to the Hub, and it also allows you to see fan speeds. For a look at how to use that tool, see this YouTube video.


As I said, you also have the option NOT to use the Hub for some of this. But to start, note that you have three fans, but two mobo SYS_FAN headers. If you do not use the Hub at all, you would need at least a simple Splitter to get two fans connected to one mobo SYS_FAN header. OR, you could buy a separate 4-pin fan Hub to connect all three to a SYS_FAN header. OR, you could simply use the Hub you already have for this purpose, and NOT use it for RGB lighting control. Your choice.

To power and control your RGB lights from the mobo instead of from the Hub, do NOT connect any of the fans' RGB cables to the Hub. Instead, plug the first fan's RGB cable into the plain RGB header of your mobo. See the manual, p.12, item 6 labelled LED_C. Note that it has FIVE pins. This is to allow use of a slightly less common system called RGBW in which a fourth colour (white) of LED in used, but you don't have that. Simply plug your four-pin female RGB connector from Fan #1 into this header, making sure the +12 VDC line is matched up, Then the fifth pin of the header just won't be used. Connect the RGB cables of the other fans to the first in the same "daisy chain" arrangement as above. Now download and install the RGB Fusion utility for your Gigabyte mobo, and use that to control your lights.

The main difference between the two methods of power and control of the RGB lights (Aerocool Hub and software, or mobo header and software) will be in the types of displays each can generate, and maybe in the ease of use. Neither has any influence on the FAN motor controls - that is all done by your mobo's automatic fan controls that feed their signals through the Hub to the fans. You may be able to decide which system you prefer by checking out demo videos before installing. OR, maybe just try both systems and decide if you want to delete one software tool and use only the other.
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Jun 14, 2016
Thank so much for this. You have been a huge help.

Can i just check…. If i want to go down the using of the RGB Fusion utility would that mean I could remove the 9-pin USB 2.0 connector from the hub to motherboard?

I want to purchase the H7 Quad Lumi cpu cooler and this is required to be connected to a fan header(no problem) but it also needs a USB 2.0 connector on the motherboard.

Both USB m/b connectors are occupied but if the fans are connected using the RGB motherboard header then does that mean I can remove that usb cable from the hub to m/b freeing up a space for the H7 on the m/b?

Sorry also can i daisy chain 3 rgb fans on the the one rgb m/b header?

Thanks again for your help
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NOT use the USB2 connection for the Aerocool Hub? I believe the answer is yes, that is OK. From what I see, the only reason to have that connection is to communicate control signals and information about the RGB lighting systems. The other hub function - controlling several fan motors from a single mobo fan header, and providing those fan motors with power from the PSU - can be done with absolutely no monitoring or control signals. You still would need to make the connections from the Hub to a mobo fan header and from Hub to a Molex power output from the PSU, but NOT the USB 2 connection. The ONLY feature that MIGHT exist that you would lose is the ability to see the speeds of each fan individually. Background: any mobo fan header can deal with the speed signal coming back to it from ONE fan only. So any normal Hub (or Splitter) will send back to its mobo host header the speed signal from ONE of its fans, and ignore all the others. IF the Aerocool Hub does this, then likely it will send back the speed from the fan on its Port #1, so you really should plug one of your fans in there. That means that you CAN "see" the speed of that one fan displayed for you in BIOS Setup (and related utilities) as the speed of the fan on the mobo port you are using, but not the other two. Really that does not matter because all three identical fans can be presumed to do the same thing. The only very small effect of this is that the mobo fan header cannot do its secondary job - detection of fan FAILURE from a zero speed signal - for those two other fans it knows nothing about. So, from time to time, YOU should just look at them all and ensure they all are still working. The info on the Aerocool Hub is not clear on this last point. It would be possible for the Hub to capture the speeds of all three fans separately and communicate that using the USB2 cable to the Aerocool Project 7 software so you could "see" them all IF you had that software and cable installed. But the hub may not even have that feature - I cannot tell. Anyway, I say you don't need it.

To be absolutely sure that I am right, you could try to ask (phone or message) the Aerocool Tech Support people if the Hub will do the fan motor speed control job even when the USB cable is not connected and the Project 7 software is not running. I expect the answer is yes. IF they insist that it can NOT be done, there are other simple ways to accomplish this anyway, so just post back here and we can advise how to do that.

Regarding the connection of those three fans' RGB lighting systems to a single mobo plain RGB header via the daisy-chain feature, yes, that is OK. Any common mobo RGB header can handle at least three RGB lighting devices' loads. More that that requires a bit of checking in case some units pull high currents, but I fully expect these fans to use "normal" currents for such a device.
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