Question Rgb fan controlling Please help

Jan 1, 2020
I have bought an rgb fan kit with multiple rgb fans. I would like to control the fan speed through a 3/4 pin connector from a different controller. All fans and the board that came with it have a 6 pin connector. I want to control fan speed with the other speed controller while still being able to control the Rgb from the original board. Is this possible and how could I do this

the products are as below
Fan kit

Other speed controller


Short answer: You can't.

Long answer: Since you bought RGB fans that have 6-pin proprietary connector, there is no way you can split that connector to get separate wires for RGB and fan speed control. Only way would be if you remove the 3x wires controlling the fan (+12V, sense and ground) from the 6-pin connector and jerry-rig standard 3-pin fan connector to those cables but in order to do that, you need to know the pinout of that 6-pin connector, so you can take correct wires.

Easier would be buying RGB fans that have separate wires for RGB and fan control, like NZXT AER RGB fans. I have the latter in use in my Skylake and Haswell builds (full specs with pics in my sig) where fan RGB wire connects to the HUE+ while the fan power wire connects to the fan controller.