Question RGB fan not giving light


Mar 23, 2008

Yesterday I got two fans, which are compatible with Aura Sync. I have an ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING mobo. I proceed to connect both fans, they spin but light never comes on. It brought 3 cables: the left one I connected to CHA_FAN on the mobo and the 2nd one I connected it to the RGB_HEADER, finally I didn't connect the 3rd one since I believe is only use if you want to connect the fan to an adapter.

So I'm a bit confused on what I'm missing or if I need to do some config with the AURA SYNC softw, which I tried but it only detected the mobo and the RAM to change the config.

Any help appreciated.



Your connections are right, but note a couple important points.

1. For the larger connector in the middle with 4 holes, look very closely at the markings on its side. ONE end hole will be marked some way to indicate it is the +12 VDC power line. When you plug that into your mobo 4-pin RGB header you MUST match that hole to the PIN of the header that also is marked as +12 VDC.

2. The 4-pin connector on the right is a male OUTPUT connector so that you can plug a second fan's female lighting connector (the one in the middle) to that. Again, you must match the marked +12 VDC pin and hole when you make that connection. This creates a "daisy chain" connection system that allows you to power and control several fans' lights from ONE mobo RGB header.