Question rgb fan wiring question - corsair

Nov 20, 2020
Corsair fans, using Corsair Commander Pro and RGB Node Core:

If I plug fans 1-6 into a commander pro. Must the RGB wires be plugged into the corresponding # on the RGB Node Core?

I'm doing a push/pull setup on the AIO, with the three stock fans being on once side (non-rgb) and three corsair fans on the other that are RGB. My intent is to run all 6 fans through a PWM repeater and then into one slot on the Commander Pro. Then run the 3 RGB fans to the lighting node core in separate slots. I saw a post on a different forum that stated that if you plug a fan into commander pro slot 1, you must plug it's corresponding RGB into slot 1 on the lighting node core. Sounds fishy, so that's why I'm asking.