Oct 27, 2020

Total noob at this building computers stuff. I have a question regarding fan compatibility.

I have the following hardware which I think is what's relevant to the question (Can do full system if needed)


Mars Gaming MC7 with 3 RGB Front fans All with molex connectors

Corsair TX750m PSU

MSI B450 Pro Carbon

So, I connected it all up last night and it's working fine. Except the case fans. I got adaptors to convert the molex to the standard 4 pin ports on the mobo and connected all the fans up. Nothing except a slight flash from the front fans as the connector was maybe half way on, Once fully connected no fan or lights. Tried this on all the sys fan ports, nothing.

"Diagnostics" I have done.

Got a standard (Albeit a CPU) fan and plugged it into each of the sys fan ports and it worked with all of them. Which i think rules out a mobo problem. Feel free to correct if that's wrong.

Connected the fans directly to the PSU and they all fired up fine and worked ok. Not using the mobo at all. Which in theory rules out a fan problem.

So to my mind that means either the connectors to convert from molex to 4 pin aren't up to standard or there is a compatibility issue with the fans and the mobo. I'm aware my case is a cheap choice and the fans are probably a bit rubbish and or might have compatibility issues. I may end up just replacing them but don't want to spend the money if there is a hardware issue I haven't thought of.

I was hoping to be able to control the case fans through the bios. Or control them in some way anyway. Maybe a fan hub. Is there one with multiple molex connection points that then converts to 4 pin and is compatible with the B450 Pro Carbon? happy with all the front fans being to the same mobo connector so all spinning at same (Controlled) speed.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.