Question RGB Fusion stopped detecting RAM

Jan 14, 2022
Hey, I've got an awfully annoying problem. I just bought some Adata XPG Spectrix D50 RAM. Producent says that its compatible with rgb fusion, and in fact it was, but as soon as i installed that RAM i've got random RGB Fusion (freezes, restarts)? after some time colours would just change to default. The first step towards fixing that was obviously reinstalling, but after downloading RGB_Fusion_B21.1210.1 it stopped detecting my ram. I've downgraded to my previous version RGB_Fusion_B21.1116.1 but it didn't help. After checking on a fresh install of Windows everything worked fine, so my question is what should i delete to solve that problem? Cuz the containing folder certainly isn't enough. I honestly don't know how to clean the registry cuz i would certainly do that. Im running Win 10 PRO 21H2, Z590 Gaming X board with F6 bios and all the newest drivers. Using OpenRGB works just fine, i downloaded it after the problem occured just to check.


Win 10 Master
XPG ram can also be difficult. It might not just be the Gigabyte software.
If OpenRGB works, I would just use it instead of fighting RGB Fusion.

RGB Fusion uses 2 drivers, one is called ene.sys and the other is gdrv2.sys. You could run and stop them both loading with windows. I don't know if OpenRGB uses either. I know ene.sys is also found on Asus boards so that driver could be part of it...