Question RGB - Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 Issues


Feb 12, 2022
Hello to all!

I need some help. Does this board have any way to connect an RGB fan to it? I tried buying this adapter and it didn't work:

COOLERMASTER PWM HUB,6 Ports for Addressable RGB Lighting with PWM, 1 to 6 Multi Way Magnetic backplane Splitter 5V/3PIN GB Case Fan Hub Adapter PWM ARGB Addressble Fan

I see my board has a RGBW Pin header (5 pin).

I've tried everything I can think of but can't get a regular 4 pin RGB fan to work with this board (ARGB also wouldn't work W/ the adapter).

Thanks for the help in advance!


Per the motherboard manual;
You should have
2 x RGB (RGBW) LED strip headers
but they are not the conventional 4pin RGB headers found on other baords(by Asus and their ilk). This was the time when Gigabyte went against the grain with regards to compatibility with RGB and ARGB devices. Yes the board has ARGB support courtesy of their Digital LED header or as they refer to it as DLED.

You could look into these adapters;
but keep in mind that the board also has a 12V setting, the cable above is for the 5V adapters linked above.

For your safety, I'd advise on not working with RGB/ARGB on that motherboard using those headers as there's room for a mishap.

My advise to that latter point would be get one of these;
Please keep in mind that RGB and ARGB are not the same and are not interchangeable,