Question RGB HUB not working (but daisy chaining works) ?


Jul 19, 2019
I bought an RGB HUB to turn on the lighting of my fans, but they didn't light up. If I daisy chain them, everything works as expected. Is there a correct way to connect this type of device (any kind of order)? I tried several arrangements and couldn't get it to work. All the 12v arrows are aligned, and the connections were made correctly (checked everything).

I'm using four 140mm fans (Scythe Kaze Flex RGB + Gammaxx GTE V2 120mm)

The cable that comes out from the bottom of the HUB is connected to the RGB 12V header on the motherboard. The others are the female cables of the RGB fans (image here:

I can only think that there may be some internal defect in the HUB, as the fans work if they are daisy chained together.

A curious fact is that the aRGB version (5v, three pins) of this same HUB has an input for SATA power supply connection. Why doesn't the 12v have it?

Thanks in advance.