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Question RGB not synced

Apr 23, 2020
Hi. I hope i posted into the right place. Recently i did a build for someone that even if i told him im not yet into rgb and lights setups he wanted to do something.

I failed of course on syncing the pump with the lights from the fan and that is the reason i am here.

First here are the components

MB: B450 Gaming X
Case:AQIRYS Arcturus ARGB
AIO CPU Water Cooling: CPU ID-Cooling Zoomflow 240 RGB

MB Might have the right headers for them but i did not manage to find out which or i failed from the start and actually does not have any support for that
Case: Has her own fans 3xfront 1xback and a RGB controller on the back of the case - that came with the case + remote
AIO:Has also RGB and a lot of rats nests cables and a non existing manual .. just a piece of paper with two ways of setup

What i want from this is to sync the AIO with the included RGB case fans with the help of the MB nothing more.

They work separately but not together.
The fans can be controlled from software of the MB and REMOTE
AIO just from the remote

What i suspect is that the MB might be the culprit but you guys might share some light into this.

Heads up : I don't have direct access anymore at the PC but i can ask for some pictures but i don`t think they will help a lot because of multiple cables from AIO + CASE FANS

Thanks in advance if someone can help!
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all RGB connections have to be plugged into the motherboard´s correct RGB headers.

Have a look at the manual of the AIO, on page 13 you will see the connection to the addressable RGB header of the motherboard.
You have two choices to connect the AIO: use the remote control receiver (O) or the motherboard header directly, not both at the same time.

To sync the RGB you will have to connect the AIO RGB connection (P) directly to one of the two motherboard´s 5V ARGB headers.

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Apr 23, 2020
I am stupid the case fans are not synced the AIO is.. wrong memory into my head!
So now the case fans are the ones needed to sync
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