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[SOLVED] RGB on Matrexx 55 mesh ADD-RGB 4F not working

Apr 22, 2021
My motherboard is MSI B450 Gaming PLUS MAX, i have a Matrexx 55 mesh ADD-RGB . My MB doesn't have the right connectors to control the RGB(only 4pins=12V, i need 3pins=5V) and i connected the RGB to front panel control(the case has a special button for this). The fans spin, they light up red(somethines they make a little sparkle of rainbow but that's it). When i press the button the colour should change, or the pattern, but nothing happends, should i take the front panel off and see if the cables are connected the right way to the circuit that SHOULD control the RGB? Or am i too dumb and i can't change ADD-RGB( not sure what the difference should be between normal RGB and ADD-RGB). Thank you for reading this!!!


It doesn't actually help that the manual for the case lacks any relevant information for the chassis and the fans included. The connectors for an RGB and an ARGB are different by one pin being missing on the ARGB header. The RGB also operates at 12v while ARGB operates at 5v.

Right, the issue is that you're trying to connect the fans to the 12v RGB connector. That won't work! You will need a motherboard with an ARGB header or a controller that supports ARGB devices like the one made by CoolerMaster.