Question RGB setups, which motherboard brand does it best? Better 3rd party solutions?


Nov 22, 2013
So last year when I built my dream Mini ITX gaming build I also stumbled onto an asus motherboard that not only had a built in LED controller, but an addressable one at that. I didn't initially plan on it but what the hell, why not use it? So I picked up some LED fan covers, a strip, and RAM with an LED shroud on it to just pimp it out.

Fast forward to now, the asus aura software that I initially installed with the build has worked fine, but it updates have been a constant mess on the forums and since the number one problem is the service crashes or does not run, it literally does not work. It is like red dead redemption 2, but after a year they haven't gotten it running any better then day 1. Because of this I have chosen not to even bother updating it. Also from what I can tell, they have not added any new effects on top of the 12 that originally came with it.

So I am interested to hear from people using other manufacturers or maybe you have done your own 3rd party controller. Have you managed to step beyond a basic addressable RGB solution? What are you using?

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I've worked with Gigabyte's app, ASrock app as well as MSI's app for controlling RGB/ARGB lights on each of their respective boards. Truth is, none of them are perfect. You'll also find that Tech Youtube reviewers also state that RGB implementation is rather hit or miss and at times a nightmare. Either deal with the shortcomings or accept that some things can't all be had for the money spent.

Personally, I hate the fact that RGB came to be in the first place. I prefer the old school look with one LED color/scheme.