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Question RGB Stuck

Jul 9, 2020
Hey guys,
I usually buy a premade laptop but this time I'm buying components for a desktop machine.
First time in 20 odd years I've done this and I'm so stuck.
Its with the addressable RGB headers and pins.

I've ordered a MSI 450 Gaming Pro Carbon wifi AM4 ATX motherboard.

Apparently it won't support this fan, Corsair LL120, or my CPU Cooler Thermaltake Water 3.0.

I tried contacting the retailer for info but with Covid-19 less staff and its like pulling teeth to get a reply.
So I thought as an alternative board that I'm sure will work and have all the RGB headers I need and addressable I'd go with this , Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro AM4 motherboard and buy a wifi adapter for it.

So I'm totally confused with what will work with what I need.
I'm going to be running a Ryzen 5 3600 so AMD plus there's the 3 case RGB fans as well but I'm hoping they will run of either motherboard.

Another fan option using the MSI board is this Deepcool CF120 fan:

But then I'm not sure if my CPU Cooler RGB fans will work.

So very confused.
Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.