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Rhino 4 plug-in requires/suggests Geforce over Quadro?


Mar 26, 2011
I will be using Gemvision Matrix 3D, this is a plug in for Rhinoceros that includes a rendering build and CAM capabilities. Rhino merely requires OpenGL graphics cards, Gemvision states under their software requirements, "Nvidia GeForce Video Card with 1GB VRAM (ATI and nVidia Quadro cards NOT recommended or supported)."

I'm wondering why, if nVidia's Quadro graphics cards are developed especially for workstations and great for rendering, why their program doesn't support these cards? It doesn't seem to make much sense to me, which makes me question the quality of the program itself.

Any incite is greatly appreciated!


Rhino CAD and Rhino CAM arent really meant for use in stuff like engineering firms, they arent expecting you to be running it on a full blown workstation, nor are they expecting it to be the only thing you do all day so working to get hardware acceleration on the Quadro and Firepro cards wouldnt be beneficial to many people, consider that Rhino CAD costs $1000, something like solidworks which provides significantly more functionality will run you around 3-5k per seat, autocad costs 4k per seat, those types of programs its assumed that you will have them running on a workstation that costs several thousand dollars and if hardware support can save you 5% of your time that adds up to a ton of money for companies.

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