Question Rift S setup issue with MSI gaming laptop (GS73VR 7RG "VR Ready")

May 16, 2020
Hi everyone.

I purchased a Rift S headset last Monday as the local government lifted the covid-19 lockdown. I was looking forward to play Half-Life Alyx, as excited as ever.
I came home, plugged everything in, installed and launched the Oculus app.
The headset sensor check failed. I unplugged the USB3 cable and plugged it back in. The check worked!!! BUT on the next step, "continue in VR", I put the headset on but the image was all scrambled, lots of pink, green, red, blue and yellow little dots / lines.

I unplugged everything, tried to do a repair of the app and since then I haven't been able to pass the headset sensor check! Why did it work the first time???

But the sensors do work fine and I know it because I also installed SteamVR and Half-Life Alyx. I skipped the setup in the Oculus app since it wouldn't work and simply launched HL Alyx. The game runs on the display : I can see the main menu and I can look around by moving the headset with my hands! If I put the headset on : blackscreen, I can only hear the sound in the menu.

So what is going on here? I've opened a ticket with Oculus Support and also with MSI, both have suggested updates/tweaks that I've tried and none of the tips worked so far.

Still, I'm wondering why I can see HL Alyx on the display while the headset is plugged into the mini DisplayPort? I know for sure that the mini DP port is wired directly to the nVidia GTX 1070 GPU, because I sometimes use a 24' 144 hz monitor to play games. But shouldn't the laptop's display be using the intel integrated graphics while the headset is plugged in?

Also, what should I see in the Nvidia control panel when the headset is plugged in? When my Gsync monitor is plugged in through the mini DP port I see all kinds of settings, but nothing with the Rift S.

Right now my system is 100% up to date, I also bought a USB3 hub with an external power supply as some have suggested and I simply do not see what I can do to make the headset work.

Any suggestions, anyone?
Thanks in advance!