Rig possibly postponed until August.

not moose

Apr 21, 2009
My budget was $1100, But that sort of went out of the window when I wanted a pc that would last longer with fewer upgrades (i7). Pretty much what I'm doing now is waiting another month to up my budget to about $2000 CAD. I returned my CM 690 in hopes of finding a little more expensive case, I was thinking the TJ07. I love the case but it would drop my $2000 budget to $1600, not that I mind but I would also need an extra $100 to spend on accessories because I plan to mod it, Dropping my budget to $1500.

Basically.. I need a new build for ~$1500 CAD, as well I need some mod suggestions such as colour schemes (I'm thinking black and purple, but still open to your ideas.) and ideas on ways to mod the case, or a case you would suggest for cheaper. Keep in mind prices would probably drop by July/August.

In addition I need a decent sized monitor, A slick back-lit keyboard, gaming mouse, and nice set of speakers. This isn't included in the budget, but I could like these items to come under $500, $400 if possible.

I prefer samsung monitors, size and resolution doesn't matter so long as its 16x12 or more. I will be getting a second one a month or two later. Also, I'm going to buy myself a ferret or two and paint there cage to match my pc.


For most of the stuff you should probably wait because prices will drop, but for other (like casing, LCD, HDD, ..._ you can always start hunting bargains as their price don't change much.