Oct 24, 2016
My PC has sat for 2 years and I finally have the space to set it up. When I first tried to turn it on it didn't work, I ended up finding out that the RAM in the 4th slot was the issue. I got it to boot up after that and got all of my drivers up to date so I started to play some Smite. In the middle of me playing the screen went blue with the windows logo and said it was shutting down. Now it won't turn on using the power button. If I turn the switch for the power supply off and back on again it will start for a few seconds throwing a bunch of codes and immediately cut itself off. I originally thought it was going to be an overheating issue but nothing in the rig feels hot enough for that to be the issue.

I have tried removing the RAM and placing a different one in the first slot cycling through them but that doesn't take off any of the codes and it still turns itself right back off. I tried removing the GPU which also didn't effect the codes and ensured that it was properly seated when I put it back in. I have checked all connections to ensure that they are securely in there but I am coming up with nothing.

When I try to start it the only thing I have plugged in is the PSU, so no external USB or video ports are interfering with the startup.

Specs are:
Gigabyte G1.sniper z97
GeForce GTX 970
(3) 8 GB ripjaws X F3-17000
Intel I7 processor (I believe it's 4700 series but I can't turn PC on to check)
Supernova EVGA NEX750G
Seagate 3000GB HDD

Some of the codes are as follows (not sure if it will help as I know they are very vague after looking at the gigabyte manual):
And occasionally 3A

If I left out any important info please let me know so I can update this post. I'm relatively new to learning these fixes and doing them myself.