Right card for editing/gaming


Aug 9, 2003
I'm looking to get a new card for my computer.
It would be for gaming and video editing.
Following features desirable:

* Good 3D performance
* Ability to extend Desktop to 2 monitors
* Ability see editing playback on TV
* TV-out

I've looked at ASUS 9560 VideoSuite and Matrox Parhelia

Matrox would let me have 2 monitors and see playback/preview on TV.

And asus lets me have 2 monitors and comes with reasonable 3D performance.

Now the question is does ASUS let me have 2 monitors and TV at the same time? If it does I'd buy that one.

Any other cards I should think of?


Oct 25, 2001
All-In-Wonder® 9700 Pro Video Card, AGP 8X, 128MB DDR
Powered by the RADEON™ 9700 PRO visual processing unit
Unparalleled TV and DVD features: TV-ON-DEMAND™, Gemstar GUIDE Plus+™, mulTView™, VIDEOSOAP™, THRUVIEW™ and much more
Easily edit video into your own creations: Video CD and DVD Authoring
128 MB DDR memory
AGP 8X support
Complete DirectX® 9.0 support
30 foot user interface for hand held remote control to control your pc applications
Use component output to watch TV, DVDs, and videos on your High Definition TVs

Unparalleled TV and DVD Features
Stereo TV tuner with 125 channels
TV-ON-DEMAND™ Get your own personal video recorder on your PC! Schedule, record and playback your favourite TV broadcasts at your convenience
No-fee integrated Gemstar GUIDE Plus+™ for scheduling and recording of TV programs
Amazing TV features include:
TV Magazine1 - images and text from TV programs allowing you to read and archive TV programs
Hot Words1 - real-time notification when selected words are detected in programming
Zoom & pan - zoom in on the action on-screen and choose your own close-ups
Intelligent Teletext on your PC2
(1)Available in North America only. (2)Available in Europe only.
mulTView™ allows you to watch and record two separate programs at the same time and provide added feature such as Picture-in-Picture*
Radio frequency wireless remote for your PC provides a hand held 30-foot user interface. Control your mouse and PC applications at the click of a button.+
THRUVIEW™ allows for translucent viewing of TV, DVD and video file playback
Use component output to allow for watching of TV, DVDs, and playing video games on high definition devices.
VIDEOSOAP™ technology cleans up image blockiness on TV and video captures for clearer and crisper files
*TV WONDER™ VE or TV WONDER™ required for dual TV tuner capabilities.
+Available USB port required.
Easily Edit Videos In Your Own Creations
Powerful video editing allows you to add effects, transitions, and sound to video footage.
Capture still images and analog video in MPEG-2 format at resolution up to 720 X 480 and 30 frames per second to create your own creations.
Easily save files into VideoCD and DVD format
Superior 3D Graphics
Powered by the RADEON™ 9700 PRO Visual Processing Unit (VPU)
Industry's first 8-pixel pipeline architecture, providing twice the rendering power of any competing product currently on the market
Complete Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 support
128MB DDR memory accelerates the latest 3D games and applications
256-bit memory interface removes hardware performance bottleneck and provides users with faster 3D graphics
AGP 8X support
Featuring CATALYST™, industry leading software suite
Revolutionary New Video Features
THEATER™ 200 provides exceptional video quality viewing during live TV and video input and capture.
ATI's new FULLSTREAM™ technology removes blocky artifacts from streaming Internet video and provides sharper image quality
Unique VIDEOSHADER™ engine uses programmable pixel shaders to accelerate video processing and provide better-looking visuals

Platform: PC

Chipset: RADEON 9700 Pro
Installed Video Memory: 128 MB
Memory Technology: DDR
RAMDAC Speed: 350 MHz
Max Resolution: 2048 x 1536
Refresh Rate at Max Resolution: 60 Hz
Port Connectors: DVI-Integrated (DVI-I)


Jul 30, 2003
well definatly get a gaming card if you want to do both. High end 3d editing cards do not game well at all. On the other hand, gaming cards do fine for most 3d work, so unless you are a professional modeler, i would get a card like the one above
Only the Parhelia will let you use the TV for preview while using 2 seperate desktops. You can make the ASUS do the same but ou would need to buy a PCI graphics card to do the same thing, and then get the software to work seemlessly with it.
While the performance of the Parhelia in games isn't stellar, it isn't as awful as we make it out to be. It's just usually terrible for the price (since the only thing those people are spending their money on is FPS on a single monitor. In your case the Parhelia is the BEST answer, it's just a question fo whether or not it is an inexpensive answer (unlikely). I would say don't bother with the ASUS (or an nV gaming-based solution IMO, as image quality will likely be a premium for you and even the ewer nVs don't compare to Matrox). MY Alternate would be something like the AIW, an AIW R9600Pro (or an AIW 9700/9800) being a good basis with better single monitor gaming qualities than the Parhelia, and then an add-on card like the R7XXX PCI or R9000/9100/9200PCI. Getting the Radeons to all work smoothly might be a <b>little</b> more work, but would likely be reasonably easy (I did it before with ATI PCIs (1 AIW) and with a Rage + 1PCI.
The Parhelia will give you more seemless use IMO, but it's definitely not at the TOP of the gaming line, the question comes down to, do you want a good Editing system that also games well (Parhelia) or a good Gaming system that also edits well (Dual card solution).
To read a VERY good review of the Parhelia check out <A HREF="http://www.nvnews.net/reviews/matrox_parhelia/index.shtml" target="_new">THIS Review</A> at nVNews, it's an oldie but very thorough.

<A HREF="http://www.nvnews.net/reviews/matrox_parhelia/index.shtml" target="_new">http://www.nvnews.net/reviews/matrox_parhelia/index.shtml</A>

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Aug 9, 2003
I've decided to go for ASUS VideoSuite and a bit later I'm going to buy Canopus DVRaptor RT2 or Matrox rtx-10.
As I understand Canopus and Matrox are PCI cards so I could have a 'proper' 3d card on my system as well. Until I get the money for canopus/matrox I have to get on with ASUS9560.

Cheers dudes for all the help