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Question Right click contextual menus arent working

Jun 30, 2020
Running win 10 pro 64bit. AMD 8350, 16gigs memory, isnt locking up from processes etc.

I just cant right click anything and get the contextual menus to pop..also opening CMD in admin mode took literally 35 mins.

What ive tried : Ran tdss killer - full scan 2 malware removed Uninstalled malwarebytes. After zero threat scan Full win defender Scan. No threats. Ran SFC - says it did repairs Cleared windows file explorer history cache. Deleted regedit entries associated with weird contextual menu issues. As denoted by youtube people. Boot in safe mode with and without networking - contextual menus work Boot with limited driver set up....contextual menus work. Deleted a bunch of random 3rd party stuff Ran ShellEx viewer and disabled all extensions not M$ related - still happens.

I'm at a loss here. The only major change I've made lately is killing some start up processes....Adobe,steam,etc to increase boot speed.

Apart from that I upgraded from an r9 280x to a rx 580...which I deleted the old drivers...ran a driver scrubber, then fresh installed new driver for the card....

Any ideas people?