Jan 21, 2009
Hello Community,

A friend of mine has a problem with his laptop. He is running Windows Vista (fully updated). He states that 2 days ago, after an update pushed by Microsoft, is when the problem started. I saw the problem first hand, and here is the description to the best of my ability.

Whenever the desktop is right clicked it does open the normal menu window, just not in a normal way. The menu outline is barely visable as it blends in with the desktop picture, there is just a tiny outline shadow to see the menu. The inside of the menu is completely transparent until you mouse through the menu box and as you go down the line in the menu the options become visable.

Personally I avoided Vista completely, jumping from XP to Win7 so my experience with Vista is very limited. I have browsed through various settings windows and gotten no where. I have googledto no avail (there is one google return that describes my problem to a T in the preview but apparently the website is down).

The only solution I can think of it so do a system restore to somewhere a few days prior to tthe start of the problem. Just wondering if anyone has seen this and can recommend an alternate, likely simpler, course of action.

Thank you.


Mar 31, 2010
Hi. You likely already tried this but check under your performance settings in System Settings and see what options are enabled/disabled.