Right Headphone Not working


Apr 27, 2012
Hey yall my right headphone just decided to stop working today ive tried everything from moving the audio jack around to even looking inside at the sound card but I have no idea what happened. I use Realtek HD audio manager and I believe its a FOX comm sound card. I dont know if my audio card has *** out or what I in need of help of figuring this out cause its driving me nuts. Ive also tried plugging it into the headphone jack and it worked fine there however it just started doing it again because the way this case is set up it tries to also push the jack out it doesnt work well. But when I plugged it in there and wiggled it around the sound would cut in and out of the right ear. Is there a fix where I can just go into my case and move it around or do i need a brandnew sound card?

Any Help would be great.