Jun 23, 2009

I have this computer
Asus P5QL Pro P43
Pentium Dual Core e6300 (stock 2.8 GHZ, 1066. 10.5 x 266)
Akasa 965 cooler
4 GB DDR2 Ram

However I am little confused by temperature readings. In BIOS there are 2 temperatures - MB (I assume this is motherboard) shows 34C (93F) and CPU temp @ 35 (95F). There are no Core 1 or Core 2 temps in BIOS.

However temperatures in Windows through RealTemp, CoreTemp or HWmonitor ALWAYS show 40C (104F) for both cores (core 1 and core 2). They don't go any lower even when idle or even when speedstep in enabled and proc is underclocked to 6 x 266 at 1.05V.

When I do the Prime 95 it goes to 45C (113F) and instantly jumps back to 40C when test stops.
When overclocked to 3330 (333x 10) at stock voltage temperatures go to 50C (122F) when running prime test.

Do you think these IDLE temperatures (40C) are correct, I mean only 5 degrees more when running torture test?


Sometimes temp monitoring programs are off on the Tjunction(?), and they pick or default to the wrong one. I don't know what yours is supposed to be, but it might need to be changed from 100* to 85* or vice versa. That throws the temps off by 15*, which would put a chip like yours at 55* for a torture test, which sounds about right to me.

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