Riotoro CR1080 Full ATX Mini Tower Case Review

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Feb 18, 2016
Garbàge. Like looking at an end product of a couple of former employees from a bigger case manufacturer who went off on their own, figuring, "hey, we can start our own company and market the same crap that passes for computer cases these days ourselves". O wait...


Oct 11, 2016
This case is obviously designed with liquid cooling in mind (it even ships with radiator screws for Chrissakes), so why would you test it without a LCS? Just so you can complain that there isn't enough room for a standard tower cooler and that the thermal performance is bad?

That doesn't mean the CR1080 is perfect - it makes zero sense to allow full ATX motherboards while restricting the length of graphics cards, not providing for 280mm radiators is a glaring oversight, there's a distinct lack of dust filters, and having to remove the motherboard to mount/unmount an SSD is just plain stupid - but at least it's an attempt at something slightly different in a chassis market that seems to think that adding LEDs and PSU shrouds to a design that hasn't changed for half a decade, is somehow innovative.


Former Staff
Unlike some sites, I actually compare the performance of one case to another. We have a specific full ATX test system configuration that fits every full ATX case we've tested except this one, so that we can compare data between all those cases. It may be updated soon, but it won't be updated specifically for this case.

The air cooler works well for determining case airflow. This case has very little airflow because it has very little room for a very little fan that's not even included on the back panel. A slim liquid cooler would be fine on the front panel, but mounting one of an ideal size (2x 120mm) would not allow the graphics card to fit. So one solution creates another problem and then we're stuck building a machine to fit the case.

And so it's recommended for people who don't mind building a machine to fit the case. It is, after all, nice for some people to have the flexibility to put a full tower motherboard in a mini-tower case.

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