Question Rip i5-6400 after hidden updates or battlefield devs was broke an optimization?

Apr 4, 2019
Hello, i am new here.
2 years ago i had got some fps drops and bad gpu usage in bf1 on any graphics settings.

i5 6400 up to 4.5 ghz
gtx 1060 6gb
8x2 RAM 3200 (21-21-21) ddr4
Latest nvidia's drivers and verison of win 10
I triend some versions of win 10 I had interesting results, but i can't explain it and no longer makes sense.
Btw now i have micro frame drops in csgo when i died or something else ussually after ALT+TAB.
FPS in bf1 with my specs WAS:

FPS in bf1 with my specs NOW:

I had disabled spectre/meltdown protection but it dont give any results
Can new version of Intel ME slow down my performance?
I have old modded BIOS verion for overclock non-k cpu. I can't update, because i am not sure about downgrade.
P.S.sorry for my very good english
P.S.S. dont tell me about i5 6600k is minimun required, beacuse as u can see everything was wonderful.
Thanks for making meaningful answers!
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an i5-6400 is not going anywhere near 4.5 GHz, by the way...3.3 GHz is it's turbo limit....; if now suffering issues from some unsupported BIOS hack to overcome multiplier limitations, there could be unintended results elsewhere

If you have WIn10, you might as well opt for the latest 1809 build and see if your issues still exist...; only a month ago there were issues with performance caused by a bad update MS put out...

You can try rolling back to whatever version of the OS and drivers before your problems developed, and if helpful, that might indicate your issue is OS/driver/software/BIOS hack mixture/compatibility, and not a current hardware failure....


Don't bump, especially multiple times a day. Most people have other things to do than refresh the forum page all day every day to see if someone replied to a watched thread. Spamming bumps every few hours won't make them reply any faster.

Performance issues after alt-tabbing are likely a game bug. Many games have trouble gracefully handling getting tabbed out of, especially when they are set to exclusive full-screen instead of windowed-FS.
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First step is getting everything back to stock. Does it work? Perform like it should

Between different win10 versions, OC's on locked CPUs, odd bios, etc, it's a wonder it works at all. Get it all back to stock on newest/latest drivers and windows and start from there.


? I highly doubt that. If you really set EVERYTHING back to stock including bios, then you have a posessed system. Good luck.
Resetting the system to "stock" doesn't necessarily return everything to what it used to be since the re-installed game would include whatever patches were launched since then, Windows build update if applicable and whatever other OS updates may have been stealth/force-applied by Windows Update.

3200-21-21-21 seems pretty extreme for latency, most RAM I remember seeing is --15/16, must be awfully low-end memory, old or not officially rated for anywhere near 3200MT/s. Since Intel's CPUs don't benefit from high bandwidth anywhere near as much as Ryzen does, I'd try 2866-16-17-17 or something, 10% less bandwidth but 20% fewer clocks from command to data for lower net latency.

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