Ripped the amd (1700x) cpu out of the socket.

Nov 11, 2018
So my due to my old aio cooler, my cpu was practically fused to the heatsink and i pulled it out when trying to remove the heatsink. When i put it back in the motherboard, everything seems to be working fine, however the system commit is only 20gb max compared to the 32gb it was before. Is a bent pin on the cpu a possible cause? The physical memory is 16.7gb and doesn't seem to have changed. I also turned the settings in the bios to xmp profile 1. I have 16gb of ram (two 8gb sticks), corsair vengence xpl 3000 c15.

My motherboard is ga-ax370 gaming k7 and cpu is ryzen 1700x.

-update: Just looked at my cpu pins and they seem fine. Only odd part is the plastic socket, when i try to remove the cpu it kind of gets stuck at a point and have to put a little force, making a click to fully unlock with the cpu in it. Also the cpu isn't fully flat in the socket when it is fully released. It seems like there is a slight diagonal tilt. No clue if any of this is normal.



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