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Question Risky 1080ti vs safer 2070 Super


Jul 19, 2014
Hi! In my country I found a used 1080ti card cheaper than brand new 2070Super. The guy says he bought it recently and used only for 9 days as part of the whole PC bundle, but quickly bought 2080ti separately because it's cheaper that way. My intuition says he's not lying, but I still have doubts of companies selling 1080ti brand new as part of 'buy the assembled Pc for a cheaper price' strategy. Is it possible this card is brand new as he claims in 2020? On the other hand, I have enough money for a 2070super with a discount (only 50$ more), which I like, but that 8gb makes me think it won't be enough as I play in window mode on one screen while dealing with multitasking on other two monitors (exaggerated amount of youtube tabs and gifs opened for my work!). I feel 8gb won't be enough to play and have things open without getting those 'ran out of vram' messages and won’t stand the test of time with new games in the next 2 years =( Thanks for your help!
If the 1080Ti came out of a prebuilt OEM I do not believe it will be covered by any warranty if used separately. Its up to you if you take the risk but factor in no warranty. If it did die in 3 months time with no warranty would you be able to replace it and accept the loss?

As for 8GB VRAM it is more than enough. 2D work like YouTube and browsers don't really use VRAM, they rely on system RAM. I have a 2080 Super and game at 1440p and in the games I play my VRAM usage is between 4-5GB.
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