Question Rk68 LED Not Working After Cleaning

Jan 2, 2019
I have the rk68 for 5 months now and recently it started double clicking. It became too frequent that I decided to thoroughly clean it. I wasn't surprised but it was dirty so I proceeded to remove all the keycaps, switches, removed the PCB from the plate and all. I cleaned the PCB with a makeup brush, and the plate and the case with a microfiber cloth with alcohol. After that, I assembled it again but only up to the switches to check if I broke anything. Well, the leds of the backspace, backslash (the key in the middle of backspace and enter), enter and left arrow key didn't work so 4 leds in the same area but the key still registers. I can't recall what I did wrong since the plugs for the battery and USB are on the other side. I disassembled it again but didn't find anything wrong so now all the keys are working (no double clicking anymore) but 4 leds won't work. I also tried to factory reset but to no avail. Any idea how to fix this? or what I did wrong?


As prelude to cleaning were you able to try the keyboard on another known working computer?

Or manually download the keyboard drivers from the manufacturer's website, reinstall and reconfigure? Such actions may now be moot but still worth trying.

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Very likely that something broke during cleaning. May have just been weakening and then the brushing and rubbing provided the proverbial "coup de grace".

Many products are not made to fixed and cleaning "suggestions" are generally very basic and most likely any departure from those suggestions invalidates the warranty.

If you like the keyboard and can work without the 4 failed LEDs then leave well enough alone.

And if the problems return or get worse you can try for an RMA. Check the warranty.