Question rm750 x so loud

Oct 10, 2020
so 5 days ago i bought a rm750x but the moment that i started the computer the fan in the psu was loud i thought it had a low noise fan but NO what is the problem? can i change the fan or so
some poeple say that i can change it in the corsair ICUE software but no
i have also a video

video of psu

PS: my specs Amd r5 3600 gtx 980 16gb 3200mhz ram from corsair msi b450 gaming plus max
Do not attempt to change the fan. Besides voiding any warranty the inside of a PSU is extremely dangerous and people have in fact been injured and even died messing around with power supplies.

The link you provided doesnt work.

If it is indeed the fan making noise you might have a defective unit, I would start by contacting Corsair support and go from there.