[SOLVED] RMA my GPU - bought a new but problems persist

May 8, 2021
My pc cant install drivers automatically or manually, which results in massive visual and audio-stuttering affecting all activity on the pc.

History: My computer was working perfectly for a whole year up until about three months ago, when i encountered the stuttering the first time. It was right about that time that I had gotten my custom keyboard and wireless arctis 7 headset. I recieved the keyboard about two weeks before the issues, and the headset a day before.

Full story: The initial issues with the setup manifested in brief/momentary stutters every now and againg when I would boot up my pc. Initially I thought it to be mouse flickering as the cursor would jump and cause visual stuttering. The PC would not power off and would encounter BSOD's when doing so. Audio stuttering also ensued as to why I tried deleting all software related to the headset. Suspecting it to be a GPU driver issue i then booted into safemode, uninstalled adrenaline software and then used DDU to uninstall. Afterwards when trying to install GPU drivers with adrenaline software it would stop halfway and encounter "a general issue".

Next step was to do a clean install of windows 10, which was done internally through the windows feature (not from a flash drive). Disconnecting all external drives, removing usb's and so forth. The PC would have issues installing windows 10 and one night it was doing so throughout the night and through the morning forcing me to physically turning the pc off. After a few unsuccesful tries it finally went through and i thought the pc was fine. I reinstalled chipset drivers and GPU drivers manually. It booted up and the visual noise was gone until i restarted it and it all came back. I then used windows tool to check if there were any issues with my hdd (scannow or something, it's all a bit fuzzy a few months later). I also used a program to see if my ram was faulty, which after an hour or two confirmed that they weren't the issue.
I then tried testing my GPU with furmark where the visual stuttering really would shine through. I then switched out my powercolor 5700xt with an old nvidia gtx 970, which worked just fine. Of course using DDU before installing a new GPU.
After troubleshooting this I send my PC to a specialist, who would confirm some issues, which he thought to be GPU-related. I then RMA'd my GPU which after 8 weeks was confirmed and I was given my money back. This was 4 weeks ago. (My thoery is that there was nothing wrong with the GPU and the seller has simply taken it back and paid me back money as to keep the GPU, which is twice the value at the moment)

After searching far and wide for a new GPU i ended up with buying a second-hand 6700xt at scalper-price. After seeing it working just fine in the sellers PC.
Today I used DDU before installing my new GPU. I inserted the GPU and booted up the PC. Return visual stuttering, which weren't there when I was using the gtx 970. I also haven't been able to install updated drivers for the 6700xt. I tried using adrenaline software and searching for it through device manager and updating it there. With adrenaline it would simply stop at about 50% and afterwards give a error message linking to the troubleshooting page of AMD.

I have never done any overclocking or undervolting of my GPU og RAM. Everything have been at baseclock at all times.

Gentlemen. I am in dire need of assistance as my tiny brain can't seem to resolve this issue by my lonesome. I (think) have tried every possible google solution and nothing seems to fit my exact set of issues. Thank you in advance.

In regards of my writing do tell me if there are any issues with understanding certain passages. I have strained myself, and my wrist ;), in writing this and you are my last option :(

My setup:

CPU: AMD ryzen 5 3600x

GPU: POWERCOLOR 5700xt ------ POWERCOLOR Hellhound 6700xt

SSD: Samsung evo 860 500GB

HDD: Seagate barracuda 2TB

RAM: G.SKILL trident Z DDR4 3600 C16 2x 8GB


Keyboard: Custom build - friend build it and can definitely provide details if needed.

Headset: Arctis 7 wireless


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Make and model of your PSU?

Next step was to do a clean install of windows 10, which was done internally through the windows feature (not from a flash drive).
That is where you should've fabricated your bootable USB installer using Windows Media Creation Tools. You should disconnect from the www to avoid the OS from downloading drivers it thinks are right for your platform. You should install all drivers for your platform, manually, in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.

You should also make sure that you're on the latest BIOS version for your motherboard. If you have a number of updates to reach the latest, gradually work your way to the latest version. Do not jump to the latest BIOS version.

To rule out a faulty soldering job on the PCB of the custom keyboard or the cable, you might want to try and use a generic keyboard on your platform while and after installing the OS. Once you know that the platform works(assuming the PSU isn't faulty or failing) then plug in the custom keyboard. If the issues crop up, there's a ground loop or that the work on the keyboard wasn't up to par.

Which two slots are the sticks of ram populating?
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May 8, 2021
Hello and thank you for a hastily reply!

Corsair TX650M, 650W PSU

Is it possible to use the original USB-key with the windows license, or must I do as you've instructed?

I am not sure as to where I can install the drivers manuallt if it isn't device manager?

I haven't updated my BIOS since I got the machine. I'll do it methodically as you've instructed.

I'll try and get an old keyboard tomorrow.

My ram are positioned in the first and the third slot per the "DIMM 2 FIRST" stated on the MBD.
May 8, 2021
Hello again and thank you for your massive insight you have provided me. I've gotten further due to your post than in all my collected time troubleshooting myself.

I updated my BIOS gradually as instructed and as i proceded the pc was finally able to install drivers. The second-newest version did the trick. I had the computer running good for a few hours before turning in. There was however an issue with low FPS throughout most games:

Warzone: 80-100 on low graphics (maybe a matter of missing programs for it to run optimally, or just a broken game)

Valorant: 130-150 (again low fps considering the 6700xt is not a bad card)

I afterwards did a fresh install of windows via flashdrive, which worked fine for an hour or so. I then installed chipset drivers and gpu drivers, but finally resulted in the following issue: PC would drag the cursor and do tasks slowly or not at all, which after a few times of rebooting concluded in a BSOD stating "critical error" followed by an "automatic repair" but it was stuck in a loop. I from theron out could not access my pc. I tried rebooting several times but to no avail. I could only interact through BIOS menu. I believe it's a matter of a bad windows install. Later in the week (wednesday) I'll try doing it again. If you have any objections or further insights I'll gladly comply with them.


Mar 11, 2021
Have you tried to plug only one ram stick instead of both of them? Maybe one stick got damaged and now your pc started to act funny. It's probably not that, but hey, to rule everything out and it's something easy to do.
May 8, 2021

After troubleshooting the computer became unusable. The CPU throttled down to 0,53ghz and wouldn't boot up windows. I then proceded to switch out every single component to a friends setup, and vice versa, only to remain with the following conclusion. It was either the motherboard, the cpu (which didn't work in his setup) or the ram.

Upon this i took my PC to a repair shop, who switched out the motherboard and the PC is now fully operational. I am however baffled as to how the CPU didn't work in the other setup, and now it it does..

Anyways, thank you for your assistance!