Question Robot Vacuum Wireless Hotspot Issues

Dec 1, 2020

Did anyone experience the issue that the robot vacuum is not enabling the hotspot ? If so, how could you solve that ? An hardware issue (wireless module or the board of the robot), something related with the firmware or the Router ? My robot (neatsvor x600) was working fine, I changed wifi password so deleted the robot from the mobile app (weback) and tried to add/pair with the mobile app (weback) again after pushing power button 5 seconds (reset wifi connection) (robot says connecting to wifi please wait and the wifi icon blinking) but robot s hotspot connection (ROBOT ###) does not seem online in the wifi list. I even scanned with wifi scanners (netspot, wifi analyzer), tried with 3 different phones but seems like wifi module is not working or the board not enabling hotspot mode. 2-3 weeks ago Robot updated its firmware maybe something related with it) I m not sure. Tesvor, neatsvor, abir, 360 robots having the same issue nowadays I guess as far as I noticed on some forums. I dont think it s about the phone or the router because hotspot connection doesnt seem online in the wifi list at all. I tried many times, even removed and replugged battery but no success. ( Robot doesnt have an hard-reset method manufacturer said. Just power on - off switch )
Robot working fine without wifi by the way, it keeps sweeping the house manually just with the power button.
Manufacturer shipped a remote control to me, they are not speaking clear yet : software or hardware issue.
Even if it is a software issue, I dont know how to update the firmware without being able to connect to the robot. I have to plug a cable to the board and connect via pc i guess.

Thank you.
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