Roccat Reveals Keyboard/Smartphone Combo, Modular Mouse

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I like the idea quite a lot... it's essentially what I use my second monitor for while gaming.

That being said, I have bluetooth on my desktop as well as the ability to play around with making a cell phone stand. Time to make a homebrew version.
Yes a worthwhile endeavor .... but what I was thinking was having this on the market will spur the development of apps to use on it. Right now I can change voltages and BIOS settings via Bluetooth but I never saw the sense in it. I mean if I am sitting there, what's the point ?

Personally I'd rather have a slot that I just pop the thing in, of course you would have to have a slot with in a slot as it would have to be adaptable for various form factors.

1. Pop your phone in the slot would be the same as connecting the cable to your would charge, sync, upload photos, all those things.

2. Run apps on the screen monitoring temps, handling IM, show progress of movie player.

The problem is that I don't see an app developer passing by this forum and thinking .... "jack and dark on THG are gonna make their own mount thingie, why don't we make some apps for it ?" It's not like you can find a dozen of apps for the Logitech G19.


Fair enough. If we started pestering them and made it clear there was a market, we might be able to make something work, but that's annoying to them and if features like this begin to become commonplace...


Feb 25, 2013
The mouse's wheel placement and rocker buttons are relevant to my interests and I would like to subscribe to their newsletter.

...good for you?

I'm guessing this was written in a "$1 per 1000 comments" factory.
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