Question Rocket league getting stuck

Dec 17, 2020
Heyya, i just did a fresh OS install this sunday and installed rocket league, but this game keeps getting stuck in the middle of no where, I also installed CS;GO but that also had me some assert issue idk that clearly, anyway getting back to the topic. So, Whenever i run the game its gets stuck idk why(can't really figure that out) and by getting stuck i mean, my pc gets frozen for 15-20 seconds whilst i hear some glitch noises of the game when it gets stuck.. and then i always lose the control to my system for a few seconds. at some point i saw a "driver timeout thing from AMD host application, and i did reinstall my GPU drivers but still it's not working as it should. I'd be so glad if anyone could help me solve these issues out. Please help me out with this ASAP, Thanks!

My system Specs:
I5 4th Gen @3.20 GHz
8GB of RAM
Radeon (TM) RX 470
500 Watt PSU
Operating system: Windows 10 pro