Jun 25, 2022
I recently downloaded rocket league from epic games but like every other game it was not working but to double check it i downloaded it again from torrent and it worked fine but with win 32 folder And when I checked the epic games rocket league folder it didn't include win 32 folder. Now the problem is I have 64 bit operating system but but I noticed every other program was running in 32 bit like torrent too . I can't play like any game fall guys valorant everything has a new error like valorant shader 5.0 and feature level error . File missing in fall guys after verification too. Too much problem plz plz plz help

My specs
10gb ram 9.9 actually available
Core i3 2120
H61 chipset motherboard lga 1155
Integrated graphics


Your onboard graphics is probably too old for Valorant, also, pretty sure your system might not meet the minimum requirements for anti-cheat these days...

DirectX11.1 (10_1)
OpenCL N/A
Vulkan N/A
Shader Model 4.1 <-----

As to Rocket League, it should work, though very poorly.

What you need is a relatively modern GPU to drop into your computer. Even something like a GT1030 GDDR5 would be leaps ahead of what you have now.

You should also be able to get used i7-2600 relatively cheaply, which will double your CPU core count which will help with many more recent games.

But 2nd gen is rapidly reaching the point of incompatibility with current OS and application support due to missing instruction sets. You should consider a full replacement in the next year or so.


Rocket League requires a minimum video card of"

"NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, AMD Radeon R9 270X, or better"


"Intel HD 4000 AMD Radeon R5 200"

Your system shouldn't be running these games as spec'ed.

We cannot assist with torrent/cracked programs of any kind.
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