Question Rocket League will not stop crashing no matter what I do?? I'm absolutely losing it :(


Jul 17, 2015
Hey everyone!

I legitimately need some help. I just bought an Alienware 15 R2 there's absolutely no problems other than this game. I main this game and play it the most. Bought a laptop due to not having my setup currently.
i7 6700HQ 2.60GHz
8GB 2666MHz

Ok now to the main problem Rocket League decides to crash non stop. I'll provide a log file from the game.

That's the main log file when the game always crashes. I have done pretty much everything I can think of to try and fix the issue. Reinstalled GPU drivers with DDU. Reinstalled Windows 10 like 5+ times. Even installed Windows 7 and still couldn't get the game to run for more than 5 minutes. I tried almost every guide out there where people experience issues with rocket league. Nothing works, my headache is the only thing that's been working recently.

I have tried to reinstall absolutely everything. DirectX, VC Redist, GPU drivers, I can name like 100+ things I've done to try and fix it. I just need another pair of brains to see if you guys can think of something to fix this. No overheating, GPU works flawlessly on everything else, including stress tests. Ran some ram and cpu tests as well. It all seems to be working well.

If anyone has any ideas, please list them. I'm losing my mind trying to get the game to work. I have the Steam version which works better than the Epic version. Steam version runs for like 5 minutes than dies. Epic version just crashes on startup.

That's all I have to say, if anyone want's me to provide something else I will. But to my knowledge I've done everything I can. So far nothing worked.

UPDATE: Just ran the game in windowed mode, it ran for about 20 minutes before the same crash happened, log file was the exact same. I tried running windowed before but had no luck, I guess this time around it actually ran the game for a little bit longer.
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