Question Rockstar Games - Red Dead Online - Netgear C7800 - Disconnect During Events - Wittled it down to a Router issue. What can I try?


Aug 13, 2013
I've tried a few of my older routers and they seem to work fine.

However, just this Netgear C7800 Nighthawk- For some reason during events in Read Dead Online, I get disconnected. So does everyone else who plays in this house that's using just this router (wired and wireless). (The old router sucks in general though, so we wanted to stick with the new Nighthawk.) It's not individual computer issues as it's on approx 7 different PCs (and other routers work)- All different wireless cards and some even ethernet hardwire connected. Windows 10, Windows 11, etc etc. (I know it could be a Rockstar thing as well - but my friends all play fine 100% who are just down the street from me... No disconnects at all. Just me and all the PCs in this house + whoever is here). We go to join a specific event and it just... Disconnects about 5 minutes into the event.

I've talked with the ISP and it's not happening on their end and the connection is strong, they don't see any hiccups with the connection between us, them, and rockstar, etc.

So that brings me to the router having an issue with something, not sure what.
I've opened ports. I tried turning off UPNP (then turned it back on when found out it didn't fix it). I asked for a firmware update push from the ISP (who says the latest is installed). I even made the mistake of turning off NAT... Whoops. Had to factory reset after that.

What can I look into changing? What can I try?

This router has been amazing- and this is the only issue I've been having. No other games have issues. Makes me a tad sad :(

I'm willing to try changing any settings within the router that people suggest. I've tried so many things but some stuff I just don't know what they are.

Model: C7800|Nighthawk X4S-AC3200 WiFi Cable Modem Router


This router?

Use the Email notifications per Page 35 to be notified of modem/router related events.

View the Router's logs via Page 84. May be capturing some errors when service fails.

Pay attention to the modem/router's LED's - what, if anythings, changes when problems occur?

Sketch out a simple diagram of the house network showing all devices, connectivity, computer names, IP addresses, and MACs. Ensure that there are no duplicates.

Compare your sketch to what the router shows as connected and unconnected users/devices. Page 88.

Remove, at least temporarily, any USB devices connected to the router.

= = = =

ISP providing coax service - correct?

Check the coax cables starting from where ISP service enters the residence. Look for signs of damage, kinks, pinches,hard bends, rodent chews, nails/staples piercing the cable.

Replace cables with known working coax cables where possible.

Check any coax splitters: One cable in, with 2, 3, or 4 out. Splitters (especially cheap ones) can fail very quickly) via corrosion and/or exposure.

Ensure that unused coax ports are properly terminated. A termination cap versus a simple dust cap.

FYI: Reference only - not a specific product recommendation or endorsement

Coax Termination caps.


Aug 13, 2013
Yeah, that's the router. Thank you ahead of time for your help.

Wow, the e-mail thing and error service fail things are awesome. Never knew what they were. Thank you. As of thus far- The diagnostic isn't returning anything that stands out. I'll keep running it with different connections though. I'll also wait for the network e-mails... If it pops up.

Nothing changes when the problems occur on the router itself in terms of blinking/static/etc. lights.

There are no duplicates. Would you like me to share the photo on imgur or?
No USB connected to the router atm.

Correct. Coax to the Nighthawk. We had someone come out and check it with us (if all the wiring and other things are working well because we just upgraded our package) and my brother was with him as he checked. Wires seem perfect :(

Looks like no splitters are in the room, but I'll double check.

Thank you for the coax termination caps.

Thank you for the help thus far.
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