Question Rog maximus Xiii hero no display

Nov 19, 2021
I have recently bought the rog maximus XIII hero and this is my first time building a pc and i got all the parts in the way i was shown through the manuals plus youtube videos and im still getting the Q code of 00 on the mother board and no display on my monitor but all the rgbs and fans are running and i was wondering if i could get some help to troubleshoot my pc
Hi HiyaminthePm (y) and Welcome to the Forum :)

You won't get any output to your monitor till the hardware issue is rectified and Post will not continue.
Qcode 00 is not documented and it's a very broad flag. It is generally a hardware issue and can be any hardware or cable fault or connection.

If general checks for hardware or cabling prove fruitless then you will have to breadboard your system to a minimalist state. Adding hardware one at a time till the culprit is found is the best way to go when out of the case as it can even be a short from MB thru the standoffs that cause your issue.
I once had this issue and added fiber washers between MB and standoffs fixed the issue.