Question ROG Strix 670e / Deep Cool LT720 AIO CPU Fan Error


Dec 22, 2015
I am getting a BIOS CPU fan error and my AIO is working. I've seen that I can change my BIOS to Ignore the CPU fan error but when I do and SAVE BIOS, it does a reboot and I get a 0d on my Qled panel and NO POST. To boot I need to clear CMOS and that resets the CPU Fan ignore. So my boot sequence is ALWAYS, Reset CMOS, boot to BIOS and see the CPU Fan error, then select the OS and boot it. It seems my real issue is that I keep getting a 0d on boot with NO POST and NO OS start that can be worked around by a CMOS reset -> BIOS POST -> Boot. This process got me thru the OS install but I need to fix this.

This happens regardless of using Integrated CPU or 1070ti HDMI.

AMD 7950x
ROG Strix 670e Mobo; BIOS updated to latest.
Deep Cool LT720 AIO, connected to AIO pump, CPU FAN and CPU_OPT
Geforce 1070 ti
G Skill 32 Gig DIMMS
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