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Question Rog Strix G15 - G512L / FPS drop Warzone

Jul 12, 2021
Hey guys,

I've done a bit of researching and found similar threads regarding CPU throttling/bottlenecks, but my problem is a slightly odd one (and more game-specific)

My laptop is a glorified gaming laptop, I boot it up once a couple of times a week to solely play some sweaty lobbies of COD Warzone.

Now before I turn this into a memoir, the problem:

I run Warzone on the lowest settings and high performance, the machine runs on turbo settings and I've made minor tweaks to Nvidia settings (quantity over quality) to get decent FPS. All my drivers are always updated on time and running a cooling pad to help with air circulation.

I've never had any issues only until recently, where I would boot the game/mid game the FPS would stutter and then sit at 50FPS (I average around 90-100FPS with my current settings)

This is where my problem is a slightly odd one, I've messed around with settings, capped fps etc but the one thing that works every time, is pulling the power cord out and plugging it back in, instantly I'm back to 100+fps and the problem disappears, I'm happy to keep doing this "process" but also find it odd and wondering if there is a quick fix?

Here is a screengrab ROG Armoury: Settings

Thanks in advance,