Question ROG Strix G513QR 3070 R7 5800H or ROG Zephyrus Duo GX551QM 3060 R7 5800H


Jul 15, 2019
Pls help, I'm really confused and struggling between these 2
  • The spec differences only in the GPU between 3060 6GB or 3070 8GB
    (both 115W, 130W with dynamic boost)
  • Both screens are 1920x1080 IPS-level 100%SRGB 300Hz
  • Both RAM 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz
  • Zephyrus Duo is 40$ cheaper in my country
  • Mainly going to use it for Photoshop, premiere, C++, python, blender,
    Autodesk program, etc
  • Sometimes I play games, mainly triple-A games
  • Might gonna use it for the next 5 years or so
  • Using this laptop for college, so PC isn't a good option here
What should I get and explain why? I really need a good reason to buy one of these, cuz you know this stuff isn't cheap. I'm really confused here :/
Aug 18, 2019
You might want to check with Jarrod's Tech YouTuber he's the go to guy for laptop reviews, and if the RTX 3060 6gb is cheap than the 3070 8gb Variant go for it,

things you have to consider when buying a Laptop is

1. Thermals - it is really important it affects the performance of your laptop you need to check the specific model or review if it throttle or not, this is needed since you mention it for editing and other stuff as well, if the CPU gets hot. the CPU Boost will not last that long.

not to worry about thermals as well there are several ways to rectify it steps is to Undervolt lower the voltage that supply the CPU it does not do any damage to the CPU and u can gain adequate performance and also lower the Temps under full load.

or Liquid Metal Mod or Repasting.

  1. Battery Life - since you mention editing i assume u might be on the go while doing some editing.
  2. RAM - make sure to check that the laptops comes with dual channel memory it really helps a lot if its dual channel than Single Channel.
4.Ease of Access for Upgrade - laptop is not that much of an upgrade but still there a few like SSD Storage, RAM, even battery as I've seen others they can change the battery with a higher capacity to last longer. specially check if the laptop is user friend to access when doing some upgrades there are some designs that you can just remove the specific parts of the cover to access the RAM the storage ETC,

Other designs needs to remove the whole panel etc. and sometimes the motherboard is flipped which is extremely frustrating to upgrade.

5. Screen Panel - needs to color accurate for editing and so on.

for Laptop Reviews, try to check, Ultrabookreviews. they're good and thorough with informations.
for YouTuber's Jarrod's Tech, Dave2D, Linus, Gamers Nexus, and ETC.


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