Question ROG Strix rtx 2080ti or Tuf gaming rtx 3070 OC?


Jul 12, 2019
Hi! I wonder what the best buy would be between the two said cards? I came here to ask since there were no direct comparisons everywhere about these two. I recently found a deal with an rog strix 2080 ti that is 5000kr (norwegian krone), tried looking for any 30 series card available on the buy and sell market but the lowest i could find was a tuf gaming 3070 OC at 8000kr. Considering the 2080ti I found was a couple of hundred bucks less, should I take it or should I just go with the tuf since its a 30 series card?
You don't need a direct comparison of the exact two. You need a direct comparison of a 2080ti vs 3070.
Different models of the same GPU have very similar performance. Most of the time is between 2-5%. Their real difference is cooling solution, power delivery and aesthetics.
That being said, 2080ti and 3070 have very similar performance as well. They trade blows and seems like the better card is 3070 by a very small margin.
5000kr is a good price for a 2080ti though...
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