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Jan 31, 2019
Hello, I have bought a roku streaming stick and put some streaming services on like hbo, hulu, Netflix. Since Im from the UK I am unable to watch US shows. I was thinking of getting a small mini router and use openVPN to connect to my works open wifi and stream some US shows. I it possible to connect to the vpn with my roku and then with the vpn connect in to my works open wifi?
It will work but is going to be a little complex to setup. We first need to assume your work has no issues doing this and you can actually use the streaming services on the open wifi directly.

So to make this a point

Lets say you wanted to connect to a friends house that could get netflix. You would load run a vpn server function on his router and set it to allow a outgoing session back to the internet. Next you would need a router that has vpn client abilities since you can not load a software vpn on the least I don't think you can.

You would open a vpn between these 2 routers. The big catch is your friends house must have the ability to accept a vpn connection. It must have a public ip.

So it is messy without the added problem you have.

To get a router that takes it wan conncetion on wifi is not real common. You can load third party firmware to get past this. The next problem is going to the the public address problem. Since you have a open wifi it means you for sure do not have a public ip and you have a nat between you and the internet. This means the outgoing connection must be from the work end. It makes the configuration much harder because now you have what is considered the client actually acting as the server and forwarding traffic out. The other way is simple to configure this one you must set a bunch of options to get it to work. Last time I tried it I messed with it for a long time and still do not really know what I changed to make it work
Wouldn't it be much easier setup to get a commercial VPN subscription for couple of quids / month, and forget about friends / work / configurations. A lot of VPN services are advertised with configuration guides for various routers and clients.
1. You buy a subscription from eg these guys
2. You fget a router supporting VPN Client, eg from that list. I suppose there are plenty of other routers with OpenVPN client built-in, or flashable with firmware supporting it.
3. You either replace your existing router, or put the VPN router behind it, and connect your Roku to the VPN router.

This is what I meant. And for the record - I have no affiliation with the abovementioned company, it is mentioned quite often here when VPN is discussed.
It will just mke the things harder... You'd need much beefier equipment (you'd need two WiFi adapters, one for WAN access, one for local / Roku).

Id' be probably easier (and cheaper) to throw away Roku, and get an Android-based streamer where you can install VPN client.

That's the first time I've heard for this product, but
- for the basic price of $200, you can get a new streaming device, and will have money left for many years of VPN service;
- it seems that there's yearly charge as well;
- you won't be dependent on single kickstarter company;
- it's still unclear whether it will work for your environment.

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