Roland Quad Capture repeatedly disconnecting from computer


Mar 22, 2013
Hi the community - not sure if this is the right forum but here goes. Been absolutely pulling my hair out on this for months.

I have a roland quad capture audio interface and an AT2020 mic. The interface is repeatedly disconnecting from usb and resetting itself. This means that I need to unplug the usb and replug it in. This can happen 20 times over the course of 20 mins or I can go all day without it happening. I thought that it was a pattern when I opened games and used discord at the same time, but it is now happening even when watching youtube.

I've contact roland who were worse the useless. I genuinely think it might be a conflict going on somewhere or a USB issue. I've done the usual things, updated drivers, bios, changed ports etc and tried a few things like turning off USB sleep in the power management settings.

Does anyone have any clue what I could do! I think I'm at the point of just getting a new (different branded interface). It is getting to the stage where my games or audio software is crashing when plugging it back in. My system specs are:

Threadripper 1950x
32gb DDR4 3200mhz ram
GTX 1080ti

Thanks in advance