Rolling BIOS Backward...OEM Key


Feb 27, 2008
I just built a new system, so I need to reorganize the old system.
It was a Gateway OEM with the XP Key built in to the BIOS.

I upgraded the bios past the Gateway Specific Bios Update to an INTEL Specific Bios so I could use a faster chip.
When I did this, the OEM XP License was invalid - I then used my Spare XP Pro Disc/Key to run it.

I need to ROLLBACK the Bios to the Gateway Specific Bios so the OEM XP KEY works on it again and I can then use the RECOVERY DISC to make it Factory Default.

Is there a way to rollback a bios, its an old Intel 945 board?

Can I pop out the cmos battery and put it in after a while, will it change to factory Bios or just reset the Bios settings?

Thanks in advance for any advice!!!
Removing the battery simply resets the BIOS to the default settings.
To physically change the BIOS version you have to just as you did before. Flash it.
So, go to the Gateway Website, download the Gateway BIOS, and simply reflash it back to the correct BIOS.
If you can attain an OEM XP Home installation CD, [Assuming thats what came on the Gateway], you can still use the Gateway License that should be on the computer itself, no matter what BIOS change you've made, thats no different than getting a new motherboard, and activate it through MSFT telephone support, that kind of thing goes on regularly.

If you have a legal license sticker on the computer itself for either OEM XP Pro or Home, you do not have to be bound to the Gateway bios as long as you have a installation CD to cover the OEM Microsoft product.