Rosewill Challenger ATX Gaming Mid-tower


Jun 21, 2012
I'm typing this on the computerer I built in that case by the way, so everything is actually finished, and it's been done for a week now, it's worked great, just one question that is concerning me a lot. There are 2 cords not plugged into anything inside the case. The first is the AC97, which I know a little bit about, and all I know is that I didn't need it, but if I do, tell me where I should plug it in. The second is a red cord coming from the case's cables. That's what it looks like, and so far I'm assuming it powers an LED around the power button, which I've never seen any dark rim around it so I'm unsure if it is an LED. My parts, incase you need to know:
ASUS Mobo F1A75-V-Pro (I believe that's what it's called, but I may have misspelled it)
AMD A8-3850K APU
AMD Radeon HD 6670 (While I'm here, how do I crossfire my APU with this? The onboard graphics doesn't show up in any lists, only my main video card.)
Even though nothing bad has happened to my computer, I'm very curious on where the red cord goes. I'm not as curious with my crossfire and AC97 stuff, as the reason I built this computer was to run source games on all high, which the 6670 does fine on it's own.


May 3, 2012
The AC97 is fine. I've built 3 computers. None of them have used that connector. The red cord looks like an esata connector. Try connecting it to the esata ports on the mother board. my computer has one. Chances are you will never need to use it. It's for fast data transfer to an external disc. If you want to leave it unconnected you will probably be fine as almost all external Hard drives use usb.
As for crossfire. Make sure you have a crossfire bridge. the amd catalyst drivers should recognize there are two.
here is a video.