ROTEL Sound Processor + Windows 7 2 Channel Issue


Sep 18, 2011
Hello guys. I have a huge problem.

My HardWare specs are as follows

ROTEL Sound Processor ASP 1098
Optical Cable for Audio

HTPC with
i7 980x
ASUS Sabertooth Board

Now I am connecting the ROTEL ASP 1098 with my HTPC using SPDIF based internally on my motherboard I do not have any PCIE sound card.

Now my problem is it shows PRO LOGIC 2 meaning 2 channel AUDIO as I have seen from the ADVANCED TAB that various qualities of 2 channel audio are only avaialble from the Windows 7 Output.

I have 2 Rear + 8 Surround + C R L (Centre Right Left) speakers and can work with either 5.1 or 7.1 setup. But All this is going to wate rigth now as only 2 channel is wroking which is being forced into 7 channel and I am not getting much sound from rear + surround speakers at all.

Please guys help me out tell me what I am supposed to do to get it working. I would be like utterly grateful.


Sep 8, 2009
I useto use spdif optical from 02-06, this worked all through xp for my movies. windows itself would never go into 5.1 but programs that could output over spdif would play movies in 5.1. (such as power dvd and vlc). i run windows 7 now and had to use HDMI as i was unable to make my 8.1 realtek sound card output 7.1 over optical. it would always use 2ch audio. using HDMI from my radeon to my yamaha receiver has been the only way ive been able to make windows natively use 7.1.