Question router and repeater

Why would you want to do this. Even if it works every repeater hop is going to greatly reduce the speed. Just 1 repeater in the path cut the rate by 1/2

Almost all repeaters will only connect to a end router not another repeater. They use a function called WDS that allows them to connection multiple machines over a encrypted session. WDS is not really even designed to do this but all vendor have been using this hack that most thing work together. Because WDS itself is non standard any ability to connect repeater to repeater would also be even more non standard. The vendor of the repeater would have to have their own special feature that allows this.

So can you even get the first repeater to work with your router. Your router is extremely old and may not support WDS. If you have the first version of your router it did not even correctly support 802.11n because it was released before the standard was final.

After that the repeater would need a special feature. From what I can tell the devices you are using are very cheap and simple device, I don't think they have the feature.

Now maybe you could use one of the new mesh system. Not all of them support the repeater to repeater ability. Even if they do you have to still ask why do you want to do this and is there any other solution, the performance is going to be horrible.
If the black arrows are ethernet cables then it is likely you can make this work.

If you want these to be all wifi connections it is not likely going to work. This is something that you need one of the mesh systems to do. The units you want to do use do not have the ability to go repeater-repeater. At best they will do repeater to router.
Oct 13, 2021
the router must connected by cable to the first AP (powerline electricity network) and this one repeat the wifi signal to a second AP and then repeat the wifi signal to a third AP.
so i need a router to manage the network on aliexpress

thanks a lot for your help
its really complicated with cheap stuff

please help Belgium

It is not so much management software. Your problem is the device you are talking about do not have the required ability to connect to a second repeater they will only connect to the main router they can not connect to each other.

The only systems I have seen that have this ability are mesh systems but not all of even these have that ability.

Can you instead put powerline network units in all the rooms. You could then connect the pixlink boxes to those and they would act as simple AP.