Question Router Blocking Access


Apr 25, 2013
I have been having a problem accessing my PC’s wireless network for a couple of months. I have tried asking for advice on another of the Tom’s forums and elsewhere, but have been able to solve it.

The main problem is using a media server app (Emby) to view videos on my Amazon Fire TV, which are stored on my PC. The server is recognized, but blocked. My firewall is and has been disabled. The router is probably blocking things.

When I troubleshoot the issue with Windows or the FIOS phone support line, an error is noted, but no details are given.

Can anyone recommend software that can automatically fix this situation?

Regards, John

OS: Windows 7 SP1
Router: FIOS G1100
Lets say you were here asking how you intentionally block access between a server on your lan and wifi. My response would be it is impossible other than using a routers guest wifi access that only allows wifi to access the internet.

The data never actually passes through the actual router part of your device. It goes directly between the radio chips and the lan chips. This means even if you wanted to filter it via some firewall rule it would be impossible. Filter rules on consumer routers can only be placed on traffic going between the internet and the lan.

It has to be something strange about the application. Way to many application to know what restriction there might be between your media server software and the tv software. TV software many times works different than other android or pc platforms.

The fairy standard test would be to ping your tv IP address from the server. Problem is I do not even know if a tv is smart enough to respond to a ping command.

In any case I would look at the application configuration options. Make sure you have the proper IP being used for your local media server.