Question Router configuration

Jul 28, 2021
I have three Netgear R7000 routers on a large property each in a separate dwelling. The primary house receives its signal thourgh a wireless antenna and then it has a wireless access point which communicates with the other two houses to provide their connection. The products used are all Nanobeam AC Gen2 ubiquiti radios and are numbered by the ISP so that they can be reached remotley. The ISP has provided a /29 and I am using a different Static IP address in each of the routers. Are there any other configuration changes I need to make within the routers in order for this to work and not cause any kind of conflict? I have renumbered the routers so that they are not all but I feel like I need to be doing more in order for this to work seamlessly. Any advice would be appreciated.


Seamless - understood in general but there needs to be some quantitative measurements.

How is it all ( network, routers, network devices) now working?

Any specific problems? Remember: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Do some testing to establish a baseline with respect to current network performance.

Transfer speeds, ping results, etc..

Then you can begin doing some configuration tweaking to determine if performance can be improved in some way or fashion. May well be trade-off's involved.

Also a good idea to sketch out a simple network diagram showing all devices (wired & wireless) , device names, IP addresses (DHCP, Static), MAC's etc.. Having the "big picture" in view will help with network testing, future planning, and troubleshooting.

Include measured performance values on your diagram as reference values. Most likely there will be some variation but most parameters should settle into some value range. Most likely some slow shift out of range will indicate a brewing problem.

Just my thoughts on the matter.